Surat dari sahabat

Sekitar tiga atau empat tahun yang lalu ketika berbenturan  dengan gaya kepemimpinan bos baru (france) membuatku merasa perlu ”curhat” dengan sahabat lamaku dari jepang yang dengan arif dan pemahaman yang cerdas memberikan dorongan semangat serta membuka cakrawala berfikir yang lebih luas didalam hal membuat sesuatu keputusan penting dalam perjalanan karier didalam pekerjaan ketika itu.

Dia mengatakan : “All the people I know who have worked with you regard you highly, and I have never heard of any negative comments about you. I was especially happy to hear a “pro- you”  comment from some one in Hong Kong who you might already know has CPA qualifications and is a key person in our group. And I understand you to be a no-nonsense person; a make-sense person”. 

Selanjutnya dia katatakan :

You mentioned about the new management, and referred to a new expatriate boss with whom you seem to have difficulties. But professional-bosses usually can appreciate the depth of the history of things; in this case I am talking about HOW and WHY you have been at this company up to now, for so long. So, even if there are scenes of misunderstandings or embarrassing situations with the new boss, that’s that, and you don’t need to react emotionally to every such (bad) situation. The important thing is that you are clear and have your own stand on things. Maybe the new boss is “only testing you”, to see what you will say if he said “A” or “B”. You should say what you have always said (in your right and professional mind), and not say what you think will PLEASE the boss. I imagine you saying to new boss: “I am reporting to you what you NEED to know, not what you would LIKE to know”.

And of course, changes in organization (especially at the top) is usually followed by a re-doing of the modus operandi (the way things are done), which CAN be stressful and frustrating. This may sound un-kind for you, but perhaps you have forgotten this point. If you can remind yourself that THIS situation is challenging NOT ONLY to you, but ALSO to the boss, you can start building the mutual relationship instead of moving away from each other (yes, this is also like boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife relationship!). It might also help that you realize that YOU have ONLY the new boss to become familiar with, but new boss has MANY people to become familiar with, not to mention the new country, new culture, new environment, etc. etc.

What you should be careful is not to be “wet” about your feelings (i.e., expressing your grievances, complaints, gossip-talk) but to say objectively what is happening, and ALSO add your own thinking and solutions. Just pointing out the problems is not good enough. Identification of problems WITH proposed solutions is the package that needs to be presented.

Yang mau saya katakan dalam paparan ini ternyata sesuatu yang disampaikan pihak ketiga yang kita anggap dan yakini  mempunyai kapasitas dan kemampuan menjadi sangat berarti dan membangkitkan motivasi kita untuk berbuat sesuatu sehingga  dapat melewati masa masa sulit yang terjadi, seperti pengalaman saya  yang membuat mampu  bertahan hingga sat ini.

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